rhizom 2019

“a rhizome grows under the ground, under your feet. you are not witnessing the interconnection until it sprouts - wherever the soil is the most favourable."

the interdisciplinary festival named rhizom has developed out of a collective dedicated to cultivating alternative electronic music and arts. it commits itself to uniqueness, character, innovation, passion and diy-spirit.  

at the rhizom festival the social responsibility of culture and its consumers will be discussed and envisioned through readings, film, dance, music, video and installation art. untypical, organizational initiatives will be tested. gathering moments will allow connection for further creation. the rhizom will sprout.

“rhizomatic sonic practice mutates forms, continuously readapting itself. it shakes stagnating grounds with the power of movement, hijacks gravity into a horizontal choreography of equal bodies and polyrythmic interdependency.“



507nanometer [D]

507nanometer creates custom built visual landscapes and light scenographies for festivals and clubs, theaters and as permanent installations.

Acid Amazonians [CH]

Sugar and spice and genderfuck. Acid Amazonians unmask the audience’s expectations, breaking rules and questioning normativity along the way. They adapt to each specific space, counteract it or fuse with it and see where the avalanche they set off will lead them.

Amygdala [CH]

For about half of her life, dance floors have been Amygdalas preferred spaces to drift away. Recently, the dance floor native has started to share her vibes from behind the booth as well. The result: engaging sounds from wax, sometimes disturbing, always soulful.

Bad Boy Baader [D]

Having spent decades in inky black basements casting pearls before swine, the grumpy old spice known as Bad Boy Baader descended to the underworld many moons ago and is bound to never return. Having made a name with his Disco Dilettante parties he became a constant fixture in and around Dresden. Definitely not taking himself too serious — bad, better, Baader is what you can expect.

Belia Winnewisser [CH]

Belia Winnewisser lives and works in Lucerne. During her music and media art studies, she focused on musical sound syntheses and sound installations, film and live electronics. Winnewisser released her solo-debut on Präsens Editionen, a furious amalgamation of (synth-)pop references and abstract sounds.

Bit-Tuner [CH]

Bit-Tuner works with heavy beats, blown up bass sounds, gloomy atmospheres, acid-driven melodies and uproaring soundscapes. His musical field of expression reaches from experimental hip hop to electronica, from bass music to noise.

Black Pitch [CH]

The transcultural trio Black Pitch is an experimental music project by SIANUR (Iran/Kurdistan), Lynn Aineo (Uganda) and TRA (South Africa). The self-described ‘pitches in exile’ sonically explore memory, identity, protest, joy, pain and everything else in the spectrum of the experience of ‘the other’.

Burning Spiaggia [CH]

Burning Spiaggia experiments with sound and light, and improvises for the sheer liberation using acoustic instruments, electronics, analog imagery, scenery, field recordings, costumes and props among others. Part of the Carte Blanche for V.A.G.

Clara! y Maoupa [BE]

Clara! y Maoupa want to make you sweat with their perreo mutations! On them, Clara! blends anger and humor with effortlessly slinky and on-point vocals over Maoupa Mazzocchetti's weird drums and wonky rhythms.

Cybermission [AR]

Cybermission, a virus that started spreading in the south of the American continent (Argentina) and currently based in Berlin, exercises the presence of a Pikachu, the smell of a dick.

Danse Noire DJs [CH]

Danse Noire label showcase: Global and ambitious music brought to you with love from passionate people living in Switzerland.

Dis Fig [US / DE]

Dis Fig's selection cuts a swathe through layers of rap, noise, techno, and percussive club tracks, eschewing the traditional continuity of a single genre approach. Her radio show Call Dibs with co-DJ Hunni’d Jaws for the now-discontinued Berlin Community Radio was a local cornerstone for her fellow experimental club peers.


Eszaid [FR]

Co-founder of the label Collapsing Market, Louis Vial aka Eszaid discreetly imposed himself as one of the most singular producers of the young French electronic scene. With his first LP Eurosouvenir, released in 2018, he draws a musical interpretation of a Europe divided in a mythological past and a neo-liberal doctrine.


Emerging from Geneva’s underground scene, Ethios440 is the meeting of groove band L’Eclair and DJ/producer Dj Laxxiste A. This ultimate late-night-infected-dub-live band pairs sequencers and human grooves, analog instruments are played live on riddims, fx’s, and samples manually executed with a dub-mix approach towards the extreme. part of the Carte Blanche for V.A.G.

Groupe Nous - Der Mandelkernkomplex [CH]

“Der Mandelkernkomplex” is a scenic performance by Group Nous, placed somewhere between theater and meditation. During the performance, the audience gets stripped from its visual senses and sent onto an acoustic trip, starting at their ears and ending at their neurological center for fear: The Amygdala.

Halle K [CH]

Halle K was founded in 1984, in the empty factory hall “K” in Bürglen, TG. A varying cast of musicians and artists developed the idea “performances for all senses”. Experimental sounds from sampler to harmonium and music from conventional and self-constructed instruments are completed with video-projections, lights, perfume and pyrotechnics.

Hiro Kone [US]

New York based experimental electronic / techno producer and artist Nicky Mao combines thick, atmospheric sounds with industrial, multi-faceted beats. Her songs are visceral meditations of rhythm, noise, and melody; dense, dark and intense.

Horse I'm Virus [CH]

Horse, I’m Virus, a group of 2 raging scums brings back 80’s post-punk with the maddening intensity of 90’s electronic music. Valentin Savio and Serge will bring this gutter music right in your face so you can taste the fear that will free yourself from your own demons.


A rolling tower equipped with about fifteen electronic devices invites to explore their interacting tone signals and visual informations. On the dashboard of this cockpit operating and switching elements are ready to hands on the control and modulation of analogue signals as well as on the ratio of voltage and body tensions. The movement in space and the encounter with other users is linked to a perpetual process. Installation by Iris Rennert, sound artist based in Zurich.

J A [D / ALB]

J A is a sonic poetry duo formed by electronic artist Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) and poet Jonida Prifti (Acchiappashpirt). Through obscure layers of stasis and glimpses of madness, J A sings declaiming in honor of abstraction and subconscious. “Orga” is a short collection of electronic sonnets inspired by Jonida's verses and developed around lazy and sensual sonic repetitions. “Orga” is an uninhibited tribute to the charmer power of female voice.

Jessica Ekomane [FR / DE]

Jessica Ekomane is a French-born and Berlin-based sound artist and electronic musician. Her practice unfolds around live performances and installations. She creates situations where the sound acts as a transformative element for the space and the audience. Her quadraphonic performances, characterized by their physical affect, seek a cathartic effect through the interplay of psychoacoustics, the perception of rhythmic structures and the interchange of noise and melody.

Kluentah [DE]

Kluentah, one half of Fallbeil and head honcho at Zement, releases energetic music that activates your “Muskelbein”. At RHIZOM he will play one of his DJ-Sets, spiked mostly with breaky-acid-industrial sounds.

L. Zylberberg [AUS / DE]

Singular, tantric and focused on the overlaps between sounds, L. Zylberberg layers countless melodic elements to create emotional soundscapes that are propulsive yet weightless. Deconstructing electro drums into shards of sound that can appear or disappear at a moment, Zylberberg’s live performance is both cathartic and challenging, forcing a synergy between textures for the mind and deep, primal rhythms.

Les Points [CH]

Les Points are a musical collective and label consisting of Flavio Audino, Luca Digilio, Nicola Kazimir und Walid El Barbir. Les Points are responsible for one of Zurich’s most notorious underground spaces and a resurgence of a faster, classic yet ever forward-leaning sound. The four artists have released their music on their own as well as on other, numerous labels — or simply leaked it.

Levent [CH]

Propulsive and nocturnal, meditative and at the same time explosive — Levent's sets thrive in psychotropical environment. The improvisation heavy live sets as well as his productions are drenched in honey-like viscosity and fulfill their hallucinatory potential with the use of automated one-string instruments, luscious vocal drones and sampling to create a ritualistic atmosphere on the edge of the dance floor and the entrance of an unexplored buried temple site.

Liebkose [DE]

Language workshop, language laboratory, (sound) performance, reflection space, (inter-)action dance, language art, -beat, -melody: We talk. Often. When do we (ourselves) still listen? How do thoughts arise? How does a discourse emerge (from it)? We form one. Or also two. From below. Without authorities. In collective artistic direction. Until everything that is divided becomes a (non-)harmonious whole.

Nick Klein [US]

Nick Klein is a prolific electronic music artist interested in loud volume as form, and the sociology and ideology that presents in self-identifying music subcultures. U.S. based Klein practices as a recording artist who runs radio programs, label, and curated events under the working title of “Psychic Liberation Front”. He has released on labels like L.I.E.S., BANK, and Unknown Precept; with forthcoming releases on iDEAL and Viewlexx.

Noémi Büchi [CH]
[installation / live]

Forêt — Music for installation: “Hear what the eye sees! To transform seeing through imagination into hearing.” Noémi’s music can be placed in the experimental and minimalistic realm and is marked by a strongly nature-related and (self-)reflexive character. Her interest lies in the search for memory-giving sounds that can produce strong connections and meanings.


NVST’s selection is a reflection of how she perceives reality: numerous, broken and weird. Expect nothing less than a carefully selected cosmic expedition with a strong ghetto old-school attitude.


OTTO is Alexander Arpeggio and Cid Hohner. They combine old-school disco references with a contemporary twist. With arabic scales and yet dark baselines they fresh up the roots of organ disco.

Piet Møbler [CH]

Piet Møbler is a prolific explorer of dark musical oddities ranging from primitive rhythms to industrial breaks and subliminal aural rave fantasies. It is Piet’s subtle narrative sense, however, which adds those unconventional sounds up to gripping sets with strong psychedelic potential.


Founded by Raed Yassin and Paed Conca in 2006, “Praed” is a band whose musical oeuvre can be described as a mixture of Arabic popular music, free jazz, and electronics.


REA is an amalgamation of sound, image, word and nature. REA carries earth, air and light on its fingers, sees myriads of threads join in millions of shades. In her artistic universe, origin and hyperrealism shake hands, knowing the small and large webs of our physical earth.

rkss [UK / DE]

rkss is an alias of Robin Buckley, a London-based sound artist. Their newest work DJ Tools, released on Lee Gamble’s UIQ, was based on their live performances where they recontextualise EDM sample packs into fragmented computer music. Their other releases on Alien Jams, Where To Now? and others have explored the materiality of film sound, YouTube and EDM sample packs through the lens of house, ambient and computer music.

Robatronic [CH]

Robatronic had her DJ debut in 1997 at Rohstofflager, then followed Lethargy, Aera, Toni-Molkerei and basements, many basements. Her vinyl collection increased, as did her gig list, until it was too much for her. After a ten-year break she ventured back to the decks with her old techno records, which never lost their freshness.

Sabla [IT]

Sabla is a project born and raised in Turin, devotedly committed to the study of hypnotic sounds and polyrhythms. He creates deeply knotted, introspective grey area rhythm trips consisting of elements like acid gargles, industrial soundscapes and whispering voices on laughing gas. Sabla is also part of Gang of Ducks, a collective which takes care of music releases, editorial issues and art projects.


Bruce Sterling’s “spime” describes the possibility of tracing an object through space and time for the duration of its existence. By juxtaposing his concept with “I am”, SPIME.IM are the being that is intertwined between the artificial and the natural. Affirming digital reality, SPIME.IM explore the boundaries and possibilities of identity and perception in a world where virtual doppelgängers take on an all-encompassing position.

Supermafia VJs [CH]

Supermafia is a swiss visual artists collective. They create artworks with innovative materials and processes in order to twist the audience's perception.

Šehy Rashma [SRB]

Šehy Rashma is a project by Serbian sound artist and composer Svetlana Maraš, initiated in 2018. With this live performance of electronic music, she makes adventurous moves through the fields of club culture, interactive computerized performance and experimental sound.

Svetlana Maraš [SRB]

The «Free Flow Musical Data» workshop teaches you to design dynamic behaviors of your music controllers by using affordable computer technology. Employing touch interfaces such as mobile phones or tablet computers, we will create versatile musical instruments with enhanced expression capability that could be used in the context of live electronic music performance, sound installations or as a compositional tool.


TANUA is a dancefloor lover which makes her a super versatile DJ creating her own style through her draws of detroit house, ’90s rave and pumping techno. In 2018 she founded STATEMENT, a feminine collective that fully supports and promotes new talents in Switzerland.

Tomaga [UK]

Tomaga channel various forms of multi-instrumentalism into music that moves by turns through industrial, jazz, psychedelia and minimalism, on its way to somewhere wholly other. Devoted to musical exploration, this London based duo obsessively deconstruct familiar tropes, looking for the tension that lies between improvisation and form.

V.A.G. [CH]

Carte Blanche for VAG (Various Artists Genève), the project that drove artists and collectives of Geneva to collaborate on new co-productions, creations and experiments — released anonymously, it’s a mirror of what’s going on in Geneva right now. The Carte Blanche for V.A.G. includes concerts and live-acts by Burning Spiaggia, Viscardi & Alano Santo, Ethios440.


part of the Carte Blanche for V.A.G.

Winter Family [FR / ISR]

Winter Family is an Israeli-French funeral pop duo composed by Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine. They have met in Jaffa in 2004 and since then played music and live together in rage & blood. Their music is minimal, obsessive, saturated and political.

[installation / performance]

YZAM was started in 2017 by Liam Alzafari in Norway. In collaboration with various partners and crossing disciplines, YZAM explores scenography as an autonomic tool to reorganise existing spatial strategies based on here/now tactics, to create debate spaces, interventions and encountering spaces.

Zunami [CH]

Zunami’s passion for records is rooted in the darkside of the 90’s. In her DJ sets she skillfully mixes elements of (post-)dubstep, grime, trap, electro and experimental hip hop by following her vinyl-only-mentality. She's a resident at Kraftfeld Winterthur, where she regularly hosts female DJ workshops.

[CH ]

VAZEM is the collective effort, organizing RHIZOM festival. VAZEM is a collective of actresses and actors from the field of alternative electronic music which we define to include such directions of electronic music attesting a certain degree of quality (in means of uniqueness, character, innovation, passion and DIY-spirit).



[CH / D]







the discursive part of the rhizom festival as re-appropriation. we invite you to our discussions, workshops and lectures and the exhibition "urban tribes" at the shedhalle.

we take back the discussion to where we like to have them: back to real life. cybertalks can wait. anti-fake news in a conscious and aware environment where every-body has the opportunity to be part of it. no borders, no elitism, profound and well researched. a re-appropriation, post gender, post genre, self organized and non profit. music as a part of our culture and culture as a part of our music.

the third issue of the rhizom congress will be at the same time as the music programm. we invite you to be part of the circles, discussions and workshops.

we invite you especially to the opening ceremony on saturday evening which will also be the opening of the exhibition urban tribes curated by Irma Hirsl.

samstag 8. juni 2019

18:00 rhizom welcome ceremony and opening of the exhibition urban tribes, curated by irma hirsl

19:00 think – anti tank
rhizom - a utopian festival in a utopian place called rote fabrik? where else would this be possible? we discuss possibilities and boundaries of cultural participation.

20:00 lab & open discussion
how does music construct the societal space? – a case study on the underground queer nightlife of istanbul. explore, reflect, ask -become a part of a collective memory. moderation by yagmur cingillioglu

22:00 lecture: sonidero city
research and book presentation about soundsystems and cumbia in mexico und colombia by mirjam wirz

from 23:00 language workshop with liebkost
language workshop, language laboratory, (sound-)performance, reflection and feedback room, (inter-)action, language -art, -beat, -melody –your word is important to us. come by!

24:00 talk: varia instruments (marcel & simon, bern) - interface design
what do you need to design a musical instrument? what is important? usability versus economics?

workshops from 01:00

01:00 workshop & playground: modular synthesis for night owls learn and play with modular synths. limited spaces, no prior knowledge needed.

01:00 workshop: hear the unheard sounds of our digital world. we are soldering an elektrosluch. with this interface you can hear the electromagnetic waves which are surrounding us. bring your headphones. limited spaces, no prior knowledge needed.

Check your drugs at the Drug-Checking LAB on Saturday - by DIZ

sonntag 9. juni 2019

17:00 opening of the exhibition hall and urban tribes exhibition

17:30 sonic talk: searching for sound in the ’80s
a sonic talk that examines how zurich-based 80s experimental musicians were journeying beyond traditional conventions. featuring special guests, sounds and pictures from back in the day, the discussion is hosted by orsett, maxi fischer & bjørn schaeffner.

18:00 workshop: free flow musical data workshop mit svetlana maraš
pure data programming for beginners. Please register at info@rhizomfestival.ch keyword: free flow musical data workshop

19:30 sonic talk with HALLE K (TG)
oral history, listening and performance. moderation by olaf yarc

21:00 live performance HALLE K (TG)

22:00 lecture: substances and toxins, streetwork zürich

23:30 lecture: the darknet & research-chemicals, eve & rave zürich

01:00 circle: drug education in the family circle
exchange of knowledge and experiences together with the founder of eve & rave and Nachtschattenverlag and one of the most famous drug experts in switzerland, roger liggenstorfer. turn on, tune in, drop by.

02:00 publication and performance of the ongoing language workshop by liebkost (rcc/ berlin)
your stories, words and feelings will be presented and performed as a collage of music and words.

ongoing exhibition "urban tribes" is curated by irma hirsl (with an audioguide by MRZ & Lou Ziffer)
“the focus on the conceptual practice was dominant in the last 30 years. over time, it begun to coquette exclusively with museum spaces, narcissistically enjoying its academic importance. eventually, the conceptual art was transformed into a mostly cold, sterile, intellectual masturbation. these artists are introducing us to the world of fantastic, bursting fantasy that proffers different aspects, treatments and realities at a very suggestive manner and communicates with the public directly, never leaving it indifferent or cold. their works of art provoke consciousness and subconsciousness, they are not disposable or easy to forget. they give us another chance to rediscover and find out new structures, new meanings and messages. we meet again the art that corresponds to the private space with the intimacy of a domestic contemplation within the everyday life.“ radovan hirsl, the wanton babylon


the rhizom festival takes place at rote fabrik in zurich from 8th to 10th of june 2019.

the rhizom festival is a non-profit festival organised by the zurich collective vazem, it relies on a strong volunteering/helper basis. its aim is to be accessible for everybody. musicians and spectators should get in touch through music, art and discussions. feel welcome, be welcome!

rote fabrik, seestrasse 395
8038 zürich, switzerland

how to get there?
train: S8 or S24 to wollishofen station
bus: line 161 or 165 to rote fabrik
tram: line 7 to post wollishofen
auto: there's no parking available on site!
see www.sbb.ch for public transport.

tickets? prix libre!
the organisers have decided that there will be no fix entry price. each participant is free to decide what amount they are willing or able to pay. we recommend an entry-price of chf 20.00/day. no physical tickets will be sold. get a stamp at the box office.

prix libre?
the collective is convinced that no one should renounce to culture and entertainment because of financial limitations. the prix libre concept encourages people to reflect about which components are relevant to them, when it comes to putting a price on something. for example: the appreciation of the work done for the festival, the support of the project, the expenses involved or the idea of making culture and entertainment accessible for all. it also enables a fair and equal pricing, adjusted to one’s individual resources, and empowers all participants.

the prix libre allows the organisers to create a festival without being profitable, without imposing pricing views on participants and to distance themselves from the value society imposes to human labour.

get in in advance? donate!
the festival’s capacity is limited. but you can secure your entry in donating (see instructions below). you can donate as much as you want.

as there will be no confirmation from the side of the festival, we kindly ask you to confirm your donation via email: info@rhizomfestival.ch / subject: 'rhizom donation' / text: days you want to attend and full names. [example]:
donation xx-amount
rhizom sun. 9th of june
hans muster, erna kelger

verein vazem
8037 zürich
iban: CH72 0839 0034 7281 1000 0

security? awareness
instead of having a classic security-concept, the collective aims to ensure safer space by having an awareness-concept that includes everyone at the festival and that provides special attention-teams for the festival. there will be no tolerance towards violence, sexism and racism.

more info here: www.awarenetz.ch

wie kann ich helfen?
if you wish to involve yourself and be an active part of the festival, get in touch with us via info@rhizomfestival.ch if you want to give us financial support, you are very welcome to donate see above.

questions? contact us!
for further information please send an email to info@rhizomfestival.ch or consult the facebook page of the festival.

when? opening-hours!

backstage for all:
dock 18:
sat. 8th of june
11pm – 08am
08pm – 07am
always open
10pm – 06am
05pm – 04am
sun. 9th of june
10pm – 02pm
08pm – 08am
always open
10pm – 02am
05pm – 04am

*we are open on monday 10th till early afternoon

we're thankful for support by rote fabrik, the suisa foundation, the canton of zürich, the city of zurich, migros kulturprozent, and pro helvetia.


web development / programming:
randy chen / mark lando
mark lando
design & visual communication:
marc jauslin & walid barbir