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CH-9565 Schmidshof - Tel +41(0)71 651 18 26,

  DVD "einmal für immer", Halle K videos 1984 – 1997. Release autumn 2021, publisher ArtAdventures, Art on DVD.

HALLE K was founded 1984, in the empty factory hall "K" in Bürglen, close to the "lake of Konstanz", in Switzerland.

Musicians and artists
from Zürich (CH) to Düsseldorf (D), developed the idea "performances for all senses".
We work as a team on projects with a varying cast of musicians and artists to act with multimedia-projections and sound in live-performances.
HALLE K performs Noise Music to Pop Sound, Experimental Sound from sampler to harmonium and music with conventional and self constructed instruments. Video-, film- and dia projections, overhead projector, light, perfume and pyrotechnic are part of the actions with musicians and performers.

First action in the art exhibition "Bellevue" 1984, in Kreuzlingen. 1984-87, musical performances in Zürich - Bern - Weinfelden - Basel - Konstanz - Düsseldorf - Köln - Solothurn - Frauenfeld. Music productions in galleries, in churches or recreation areas. Performances with the cabaret "Götterspass", for the "Theater Off" Genf, Open Air concert "Ereignis - Liesberg". Performance during the art exhibition "Alles und noch viel mehr", Art Museum Bern. Political productions for Nicaragua, for autonomous culture places, against new Highways. 1988-99 performances at the "Noisestruktur Festival" Ravensburg, in the galleries "de Fabriek" Eindhoven, " Alexander Hodel" Zürich, "Shedhalle" Frauenfeld, "Macelleria d`Arte", "Kunsthalle", "medialounge" and "AnStadt98" in St. Gallen, "Artroom" Kreuzlingen, "eg@l" electronical art depot and "Neue Boerse" in Zürich (as examples). TV broadcasts: "Fri-son" 1988 by "SF1", "Kunsthalle" 1995 by "Züri 1" and "media lounge" 1997 by "Star TV".

Tape Cassettes:
1984 "Glas und Metall", self production.
1985 "Green Gold", product "ddd" Bonn BRD. 1986 "Heartbeat" self production.
1987 "The Sampling Sampler" Synthetic sounds from Switzerland, "Lux Noise" production.
1989 "Schall und Wahn", 1992 "triggered" and 1993 "lemonsand" in self production.

Vinyl-Records and CDs:
1987 "1990" Sampler against new prisons, pyramid records.
1988 "HALLE K", Ex Libris records.
1997 "SKAMPLER 3" phonag records.
2000 "inter-faces" CD-ROM in self production.
2019 "Resist Entropy" Vinyl EP, sampler, lustpoderosa production.

VIDEO, tapes, DVD's, videofiles and www:
1985 "Glas und Metall", performance in the "Big Apple" Zürich, production "Videoton" ETH Zürich.
1986 "Steine und Messer", event "Alles und noch viel mehr" of the Art Museum Bern, production "Petson Video" Bürglen.
1987 "Blinde Tiere", concert in the Rote Fabrik Zürich,
1990 "Schall und Wahn" tour, production "Magic Camera" Zürich.
1991 "Löffel", 1993 "Zitronensand", 1994 "Klang und Kleid", 1995 "Muster" and "guinea-pig", Kunsthalle St. Gallen
1996 "interface", 1996 "Konstruktion der Persönlichkeit", 1996 "der Auftrag" und 1997 "@if_finger",
2016 "I breathe you in", 2018 "Plastiklöffel", shed in the Eisenwerk Frauenfeld,
2019 "whispering water", "landing", Rhizom Festival, Rote Fabrik Zürich, 2021 Performance in the "Kult", Max Frisch Bad Zürich.
Performance videos, self-production.

2012, Double DVD, live videos of HALLE K performances 1984 – 1997.
The DVD was triggered by the book project "heute und danach", from Swiss Punk & Wave Records, Swiss Underground Music Scene of the 80's.

2016, HALLE K workshop, "Ich atme Dich ein / I breathe you in", Shed Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld.
interactive performance within the international artproject, "Meer Teilen: Buen Vivir", Video "Kali".

2018, "Preferred Videotapes" ShedBar, performance and projections with HALLE K, Eisenwerk Frauenfeld.
Thurgaukultur Magazin, Videos "Plastiklöffel" and „making of ".

2019 , "Resist Entropy", Compilation Vinyl EP, Lustpoderosa production,
   short preview, link to Schrei and Ignoramus

  HALLE K show (the movie, 56 min) at the Rhizom Festival, in the Rote Fabrik Zürich.

2000, "inter-faces" CD-ROM at the International Media Art Festival "VIPER".
Have a look at a html excerpt of "inter-faces":